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Author’s supervision

Primary author’s supervision targets:

  1. Planning, development and management of the Project budget
  2. Carry out measures to prevent the occurrence of errors, and following alterations on the facility
  3. Coordination of all contractors, inspection of implementated works
  4. The result, as the conformity of the design solutions and the implemented Object

Author’s supervision may include:

  • Conducting of suppliers internal tenders according to the client’s criteria;
  • Preparation of the technical assignment for the suppliers in order to develop a proper commercial proposal;
  • Verification of specifications and commercial proposals from suppliers;
  • Development of structural units for project accounting together with suppliers (depends on the type of material supplied);
  • Development of the technical assignment for the leading designer for the development of an architectural project that meets the requirements of the Customer and the design project;
  • Verification of project documentation by the architectural bureau (construction project);
  • Quality control of the Project implementation, developed by Nota Bene;
  • Financial reporting of the project;
  • Keeping the up-to-dates and data of the project implementation process;
  • Full representation of the Customer’s interests;
  • Development and control of the construction process entire cycle schedule;
  • Development and control of the materials’ supply to the facility;
  • Development and control of the project financing schedule;
  • Procurement, control and materials supply to the facility ;
  • Inspection of works performed by contractors;
  • Commissioning works.


The project is a set of plans, works and activities aimed at achieving one specific and unique goal. The construction project is a combination of hundreds of factors, work involving dozens of contractors. Find the best solution, build the right path to the goal and correctly fix many projects at once –it in the capacity of only real professionals. Studio Nota Bene specializes in successfully solving these issues, and studio’s portfolio reflects the highest level of skill.

The project team that is involved in project coordination, creates a roadmap and prepares a risk management plan. Having carried out in-depth analysis and taking into account dozens of factors, the term of readiness of the project is indicated, the adherence to which is guaranteed. Look at how the project looks like and how many contacts are taken into consideration while implementing it.

During author’s supervision process, Nota Bene commits to deliver the object of proper quality and in the specified time period. Architects and engineers formulate the goal, analyze the way to achieve it and understand the risks, so that you can calmly observe the implementation of your ideas. Project work with Nota Bene is a guarantee of results, quality control, high-level experience and professionalism that you can trust.

Industry consulting services

Selecting an apartment, house or a piece of land to purchase? Going to get a house constructed or remodeled, get a project approved, but have no idea where to start? Considering how to decorate the premises, what materials to choose? Having any doubts about the expertise of the contractors?

Experience teaches that everyone sometimes faces similar issues. The Nota Bene experts are willing to give you competent advice. You may seek the advice anytime, be it before the construction works have commenced, at the stage of project development, or at the stage of construction or repair.

Consultations are held by previous appointment with the chief project architect, chief project engineer, head of the interior design department, architects, designers, design engineers.

The list of consulting services includes:

  • Assistance in selection of a piece of land, apartment or house to purchase;
  • «How the construction process starts” (a package of the necessary documents);
  • Advice on the premises decoration;
  • Advice on the facade decoration (selection of materials);
  • Advice on remodeling;
  • Analysis of the completed projects and their adjustment;
  • Analysis of the conceptual and visual interior solutions;
  • Assistance in selection of materials and equipment;
  • On-site visit with the purpose of the project implementation supervision;
  • Advising during the process of the project (remodeling, reconstruction, etc.) approval or project commissioning;
  • Consulting on other issues related to space planning and construction.


Teleworking in Nota Bene represents a smoothly running procedure of cooperation with the clients from Russia, Ukraine, European countries and the United States.

Modern communication technologies make it possible to work closely with a client, located anywhere in the world. The teleworking procedure for design project development is very simple!

Step 1

You make a request for project development using any convenient means and, if possible, provide the initial information (floor plans, terms of reference, etc.) concerning the future project. The project manager draws up a business proposal for you, specifying the total cost of work, and sends it by email (or fax), providing the necessary advice on the issues you are concerned with.

Step 2

In case of reaching a consensus, the parties sign the contract, exchanging copies by fax or email. The original contracts are sent by post. (Questionnaire for contract formation)

Step 3

After obtaining the necessary initial data and receiving the prepayment, the Nota Bene specialists get down to the first stage of design project development. Upon completion of each stage, the prepared drawings and sketches are sent to the client via email for consideration and approval. Remarks and adjustments to the sent materials can be formulated in writing and/or orally in the online mode.

Step 4

After approval of the final version of the last stage of project development and transferring of the final payment, the studio draws up the full package of design documentation in the form of album, and sends it to the customer by email; the printed version is sent by post. The list of the necessary documentation includes album with the stylistic elaboration (visualization); construction design or technical documentation, a CD with files, certificates of delivery and acceptance of rendered services, and other required documents and materials (depending on the type of project).

We supervise all our projects remotely throughout the implementation process. Consultations with architects are held at any convenient time, using modern means of communication.


Nota Bene Studio prepares the required technical documentation subjected to approval by the competent authorities. The whole package of documents complies with the latest requirements.

1) Site plan (general layout)

2) Schematic design – in order to get the house approved in the local architectural bureau, obtain a construction permit – applied only to private houses (single-family).