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Design of exhibition booths

Design of an exhibition or an exhibition booth is a complicated and laborious process. When working on such project the Nota Bene Studio team tries to provide for all the peculiarities associated with the exhibition business. During the short-term event, we have to highlight the most important aspects of an exhibitor’s activity, attract the attention of the target audience and help to complete the marketing challenges the exhibitor is faced with. We try to achieve this by using various modern materials, special lighting and contents of an exhibition booth, and applying unconventional and ergonomic approach to the arrangement of the limited exhibition space.

The process of the exhibition booth decoration consists of two basic stages: development of the overall design concept and style, followed by creation of sketches and drawings, including among other things computer visualization.

 Principles of the exhibition booth design

  • We design unique exhibition booths, making them convenient both for visitors and personnel;
  • We design bright and colourful exhibition booths that help the exhibitor to stand out against the competitors, attract the attention of the audience, and cause a desire to get feedback;
  • We always rely on the tasks, desires, needs and priorities of the client;
  • When designing an exhibition booth, we take into account the strategy of exhibition activity of the client, and the marketing strategy an exhibitor company on the market.

• We take into consideration the particularities of a certain exhibition, exhibition booth location, direction of the main flows of visitors, location and anticipated activity of other exhibitors.

Window dressing

Window dressing as a sales tool plays a vital role in the competition to win a purchaser’s attention, successfully promote goods and services and stand out against the rivals. Shop window is a stop image, an important part of its goodwill.

Shop window design is both a science and an art that the studio specialists are well-versed in.

Principles of window dressing:

  • Show window performs the informative function, giving an idea about the quality, range and price for goods in a shop, as well as about discounts, promotions and sales;
  • Shop window contains indirect information enciphered by a designer and deciphered by anyone who looks at it; this is the information about the shop image, its positioning, atmosphere and the expected quality of service;
  • Shop window design contains selling power in itself; it turns passers-by into customers, and instills loyalty to a brand or a stop into the latter;
  • Shop window reflects the brand philosophy, its attitude towards itself and the world around it, conveys information not only about the price for goods, but also the life values shared by the target audience;
  • Show window adorns the city; it is an integral part of the urban landscape.
  • The combination of wow-effect with the absence of overwhelmed visual space cannot be understated in shop window design.

• Show windows sells the image rather than a particular product.