• Interior
    Location: Minsk,
    Площадь: 335 m²
    Year of implementation: 2016

    target: creation and implementation of the duplex apartment interior, which aims to reflect owner’s inner state and attitude to life

    • This interior differs from others due to complexity of the execution both of architectural and decorative solutions.
    • Interior is exclusive and prominent as all the details and elements have been implemented individually by the author of the project – Maxim Maximenko.
    • Interior solutions allow us to express the multi-faceted customer’s personality creating unique interior in “visionary” stylistics with elements of Art Deco and neoclassicism. Filled with artistic taste and gracefulness, the interior elegantly intertwines luxury and sophistication.
    • Functionality – the first apartment floor is for public spaces (living room, dining room, fireplace area with a library), the second level is reserved for private areas, bedrooms, closets and bathrooms.
    • We have successfully managed to establish and maintain communication at the international level. Dozens of suppliers and partners from Europe have been involved. Kitchen from the Italian design studio Faoma, carpets from Sahrai Milano.
    • Utilities are thoroughly managed: energy-efficient technologies have been applied: “smart home” with the ability to create the perfect indoor climate. Next to, multimedia interaction systems is provided.

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