• Interior
    Location: Minsk,
    Площадь: 130 m²
    Year of implementation: 2013

    Target: to develop a “theatrical” concept of interior design for an apartment with the complex floor plan

    Publications in the professional magazines:

    Magazine “Best Interiors” 120, 2014

    Publications in other magazines:

    Magazine “Time City Magazine” №4, 2016

    • The apartment interior style is “theatrical” classic; the sculptures by Vlad Rudkovskiy have become the focal point of the design concept /ссылка/;
    • We have redesigned the existing project and solved the problem of the long corridor;
    • The interior designed is tinged with mystery; its multi-layer elements are characterized by deliberate complexity;
    • The system of mirrors, drapery and wall texture forms the “additional” reality;
    • We have designed the system of climate control, home control and access control;

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