258,76 m²

Target: to design a wooden house interior and to convey its main idea through the exterior and architecture

ознакомьтесь с благоустройством территории для данного проекта

Minsk district,2016
  • The conducted works have included the selection of a suitable land parcel
  • We have designed the interior that has become a starting point for creating a design concept for the whole house with the adjoining land parcel;
  • We have drawn up a technical specification for the future house;
  • We have taken advantage of all the complexities of a wooden house by including end wreaths into the interior, and organizing doorways as a gallery;
  • The beauty of genuine wood is emphasized by a cool-colour wall painting;
  • We have designed a “levitating” staircase that is held in place by just two supports;
  • We have found inspiration in the trends of the outdoor living philosophy.
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