688,75 m²

Target: to create a convertible interior design for a family by combining traditional and modern styles.

Kaluga, Russia,2016
  • The interior design is implemented in the truly American Wright style. It represents a spacious and elegant classical home that features modern functions and contemporary style elements.
  • The public area of the house (the ground floor) is designed to reproduce the variety of scenarios; its space can be converted in a number of ways, from intimate privacy to festive gloss.
  • The classical monochromatic colours of the walls are complemented by the bright and bold combinations used in the floor finishing – for example, classical ceramic tiles decorated with modern graphics, or parquet planks laid in an unusual pattern.
  • Austere and laconic solutions are complemented by the cozy details such as soft seats on the windowsills, wooden shutters, carved doors.
  • Elegance and clarity of forms imposed by the style are reflected in the staircase design, selection of lamps and space planning.
  • Each room and area of the house has been considered from the point of functionality, taking into consideration the family plans for the near future; at the same time, the house includes a lot of cozy details, ideas and elements that make every place home in the truest sense of the word.
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