318,3 m²

Target: to develop a fresh and “ever-young” interior design concept for an apartment belonging to a family with children

  • We have created an interior design concept for a family, taking into account all special features and the potential of the available space;
  • We have designed a fusion-inspired eclectic interior for a two-level apartment, having emphasized a good orientation of the windows, and the view from the windows;
  • We have taken into account the building orientation in relation to the cardinal directions, and the view from the windows integrated into the interior;
  • We have designed a complex, space-saving, sloping staircase, taking into consideration the presence of the children in the house;
  • We have opted for a floor-by-floor zoning: the public area is located on the ground floor, the private area – on the first floor;
  • We have designed the separate rooms for the children, which they may use for playing and studying;
  • We have eliminated the dark corridor, thus letting the daylight in the depth of the apartment.
    The ground floor includes the guest room, cabinet, living room, dining room and kitchen.
Sandia Sandia