• Interior
    Location: Minsk,
    Площадь: 318,3 m²
    Year of implementation: 2013

    Target: to develop a fresh and “ever-young” interior design concept for an apartment belonging to a family with children

    • We have created an interior design concept for a family, taking into account all special features and the potential of the available space;
    • We have designed a fusion-inspired eclectic interior for a two-level apartment, having emphasized a good orientation of the windows, and the view from the windows;
    • We have taken into account the building orientation in relation to the cardinal directions, and the view from the windows integrated into the interior;
    • We have designed a complex, space-saving, sloping staircase, taking into consideration the presence of the children in the house;
    • We have opted for a floor-by-floor zoning: the public area is located on the ground floor, the private area – on the first floor;
    • We have designed the separate rooms for the children, which they may use for playing and studying;
    • We have eliminated the dark corridor, thus letting the daylight in the depth of the apartment.
      The ground floor includes the guest room, cabinet, living room, dining room and kitchen.

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