240 m²

Target: to design an apartment interior combining comfort and the magic of art deco

Publications in the professional magazines:

Best Interiors 118, 2013

Majordom 7, 2013 г

Publications in other magazines:

Magazine “Time City Magazine” №1 ,2016






  • We have suggested an art deco-inspired design solution combining high aesthetic and home comfort;
  • We have designed the space full of light and air, taking into consideration the design and functional features of the apartment (low ceiling and the necessity of creating additional areas);
  • We have designed a smart system of climate control;
  • We have used mirrors to visually expand the space of the mansard;
  • The floor is decorated with the “carpets” of tiles and wood; the furniture and the lighting solutions have been customized by the best European manufacturers;
  • The interior is decorated with the works of art, including the sculptures by Vlad Rudkovskiy
Montreal Montreal