332,71 m²

Target: to design a house interior according to the client’s wishes

Publications in professional magazines:

Magazine “Perfect Homes International” №17, 2017

Magazine «Salon de Luxe» №3, 2016

Publications in other magazines:

Magazine «Time City Magazine» №3, 2016

  • We have designed a unique interior that has been published in Salon de lux – one of the world best professional magazines;
  • We have implemented an architectural concept, the focal point of which have become the play of planes and the movement of forms, not decoration;
  • We have conducted the unconventional pre-construction works to solve the problem of vapour barrier affecting the house frame;
  • The created concept takes into account the presence of the second-level space;
  • The house acoustics has been reduced by using special paint and textile;
  • We have designed a light and fluffy staircase without massive fixture elements;
  • We have built the non-frame doors into the walls.

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