• Interior
    Location: Minsk,
    Площадь: 270 m²
    Year of implementation: 2011

    Target: to develop a functional and stylish interior design concept for a house, based on an ordinary concrete block

    Publications in the professional magazines:

    Best Interiors 95, 2011

    Beautiful houses 123, 2011

    Оgrodowa Galeria & Wnetiza 1, 2012

    • We have created an atmospheric interior design concept combining minimalism with the elements of art deco;
    • We have emphasized the advantages of a concrete block, such as an oriel with the 3-metre windows, as well as designed the changes in the floor level;
    • We have zoned the available space, taking into consideration its functional purpose;
    • The choice of the minimalist furniture and lamps is determined by the desire to preserve the feeling of 3D space and air in the interior;
    • We have enhanced the design concept by adding various art elements, such as decorative wallpaper, wall painting and artistic elements in the guest area;
    • We have installed a moulded staircase decorated with the stained-glass artworks exclusively designed by a Nota Bene artist.

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