63,19 m2

Target: to develop a design project of a modern home space for a young family on the basis of a small standardized apartment

  • We have created a modern, harmonious and logical design project for a small modular apartment with a standardized layout, belonging to a young family;
  • The available space has been planned so that to clearly separate private and public areas; at the same time, all dark corridors and additional partitions have been dismantled or changed for textile;
  • The customers’ reminiscences of the childhood spent in a grandmother’s wooden house have become a key idea of the project. It is reflected in the details of the separate parts of the walls, decoration of the rooms and furniture;
  • Design of the walls shows the balance between bright gloss and grey brutality of concrete;
  • The project includes solutions for climate control, access control and control of main features, such as lighting, Internet, home server;
  • We have worked out solutions for expanding of communal areas and arrangement of electric home appliances;
  • The inner philosophy of the home corresponds to the exterior of the residential complex and the concept of living there. “Zeleny Bor” is located in the forest in Borovljany, and offers its residents the “club” atmosphere of neighbourhood and surrounding site improvement.
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