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client service

Client service is a package of construction services. It covers the project implementation process from obtaining permits to project commissioning.

Targets for engineers:

Fixing deadlines
Coordination all project participants
Dedication to deadlines and obligations

Project implementation is a complex and laborious process that requires not only large time and cash investments, and human resources, but also a high level of competence in a range of issues. The Nota Bene client service is able to cope with the task of any complexity.


The Nota Bene client service expert team includes:


  • Author of the project
  • Chief project engineer
  • Chief project architects
  • Design engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Heating and ventilation engineer
  • Water supply and sewerage engineer
  • Construction solution engineer

In order to implement projects, we involve various contractors depending on the type of project and its complexity.


What kind of work does the client service performed?


  • Obtains all the necessary permits and justifications for design and construction;
  • Selects contractors;
  • Evaluates the cost of work;
  • Purchases materials;
  • Monitors the works at the facility;
  • Commissions the project


How much do the services cost?


Fixed price represents the cost of services per month, calculated as a percentage from the project implementation budget, divided by the period of service provision. Its amount is determined by the complexity of the project.


Time-based pay (for the work performed) means that the payments are made for the work time spent on the project. The cost of the approved work is covered after a preliminary assessment of each stage.


What are the benefits of cooperating with the client service?


Client service saves the client’s time and money by selecting the best ways to implement the tasks, working only with the trustworthy contractors, purchasing the materials of the required quality at exclusive prices. It is important that the client service monitors the implementation of works and “binds” the deadlines together, thus preventing such common phenomena as idle time, reoperation, purchase of unnecessary materials, etc. Anything that slows down the construction process and makes it more expensive can be avoided!


All the client service work may be divided into three categories:


Author’s supervision




Rich experience (15 years on the market), high level of professional training, responsible approach to in-house tenders, use of advanced equipment and software allows the client service to implement projects of any complexity, acting entirely in the client’s favour.



The main idea of engineering is to create and optimize all the processes, use and synchronization of all possible technologies to find out the most benefitial, as well as fast and easy way to implement the project, and to monitor the implementation process effectively.


The project team coordinating the project prepares a road map and a risk management plan. After deep analysis taking into account dozens of mutually influencing or mutually exclusive factors and nuances the deadline of the facility readiness is fixed. Architects and quality engineers set up a goal, consider the ways to achieve it, realize and take account of the risks involved. Now, all that the client is to do is to watch how their dream is being turned into reality, because the Nota Bene client service assumes the responsibility to hand the project of the proper quality over within the time specified.


Selecting an apartment, house or a piece of land to purchase? Going to get a house constructed or remodeled, get a project approved, but have no idea where to start? Considering how to decorate the premises, what materials to choose? Having any doubts about the expertise of the contractors?

Experience teaches that everyone sometimes faces similar issues. The Nota Bene experts are willing to give you competent advice. You may seek the advice anytime, be it before the construction works have commenced, at the stage of project development, or at the stage of construction or repair.

Consultations are held by previous appointment with the chief project architect, chief project engineer, head of the interior design department, architects, designers, design engineers.

The list of consulting services includes:

  • Assistance in selection of a piece of land, apartment or house to purchase;
  • «How the construction process starts” (a package of the necessary documents);
  • Advice on the premises decoration;
  • Advice on the facade decoration (selection of materials);
  • Advice on remodeling;
  • Analysis of the completed projects and their adjustment;
  • Analysis of the conceptual and visual interior solutions;
  • Assistance in selection of materials and equipment;
  • On-site visit with the purpose of the project implementation supervision;
  • Advising during the process of the project (remodeling, reconstruction, etc.) approval or project commissioning;
  • Consulting on other issues related to space planning and construction.