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Residential compound “Lipen”

Target: improvement of residential compound public services

  • developed a project of public services improvement of the residential compound “Lipen”.
  • environmental technology is applied, such as containers for separate waste collection.
  • energy-efficient LED lights are used for beautification of the facade.
  • charging stations for electric vehicles as well as space for parking cars and bicycles are established.
  • the entrance groups have been supplied with additional visor and “windscreen” establishment.
  • landscape design is decorating lawn areas.
  • residential compound brand stylistics is applied to some paving elements and landscaping.
  • favorable conditions for quality rest and recreation are created in a provided budget.
  • recreational area is designed according to different age groups:  gaming set complex is established for preschool age ; work-out zone and contemporary European extreme-fitness equipment is set up for school age children ; in addition, outdoor trainers are also provided for adults.
  • safe rubber cover is used at residential compound playgrounds.
  • landscaping sidewalks have been smartly arranged taking into consideration residents traffic within the complex.
Residential compound "Lipen" Residential compound "Lipen"