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    “Raiffeisen” bank office
    Location: Minsk,
    Площадь: 425,26 m²
    Year of implementation: 2016

    Target – to improve the functional characteristics of the available space, create the most comfortable conditions for working in the office, and solve the problem of the inside temperature fluctuations.

    • We have solved the problem of the seasonal temperature fluctuations and unfavourable office microclimate (hot in summer and cold in winter) by means of the additional darkening of the existing roof light, as well as utilization of double glazing with the greenhouse, namely glass fins. Sun-protective devices satisfy a person’s need for daylight, and at the same time protect them from the cold air coming from the outside;
    • We have expanded the usable area of the office space to comfortably locate the increased personnel;
      – We have carefully thought out the inner logistics of the company departments’ communication. We have zoned the office space with glass partitions, thus visually expanding and uniting the departments;
    • The office represents an open space uniting the employees, creating the atmosphere of support and providing for prompt interactions. Each workplace is separated from others with a soundproof partition; it allows workers to concentrate on their tasks, and avoid being distracted by the outside noise;
    • First and foremost, a modern office should satisfy the requirements of good lighting. That’s why we have paid careful attention to the lighting. It arranges and zones the available space by means of alternation of the line and functional lights illuminating the work areas, and large accentuated dome lights that set the pace and dynamics of the space;
    • A long office corridor is accentuated by the light and colour breakups to avoid an unpleasant effect of tunnel lighting;
    • We have created not only a work, but also a recreation area for the employees. A simply designed kitchen is well-equipped for a pleasant lunchtime;
    • The primary purpose for designing the bank interior was to improve the functional characteristics of the available area, and create a comfortable modern office space for the employees. Here we show how a modern bank interior should look like! The key trends in the office space arrangement we have embodied in the project include ergonomics, comfort, “freedom” of space, natural light, and, for sure, individual style;
    • The interior design reflects the corporate values and identity of the bank. The corporate colours have become a platform for the creation of a common interior graphics. We hope that bright yellow colour will boost the spirits of the personnel and visitors. Indeed, we have so few sunny days!

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