Services for corporate clients
“IHS-Global” office

target: to develop office design for large international business

Photographer: Andrew Davydchyk,


  • Audit of the building project with the aim of further building reconstruction for the concept design needs;
  • Office space is planned in a way to preserve light and air and at the same timу to meets the requirements of functional zoning;
  • A long-term concept plan for office future development is created; there is enough space for office expansion and for future increase in the number of employees ;
  • The existing ventilation system has been improved due to more efficient air distribution;
  • We have designed smart solutions for sliding systems and partitions;
  • Separate space for conferences, presentations and other events is planned; open space can be divided into separate areas;
  • Luster and representativeness go together with the comfort and ergonomics of contemporary working environment;
  • The design concept is implemented in the futuristic style.
D3 residential compound "lobby" D3 residential compound "lobby"