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Nota Bene

Corporate Social Responsibility

The UN Global Compact

Design Studio Nota Bene has joined the UN Global Compact initiative.

We strive to lead socially responsible business; we are eager to provide all necessary opportunities for solving the problems of society both at global and local levels. Having joined the UN Global Compact, we reaffirmed our readiness to systematically implement the principles of corporate social responsibility in business practice.The Global Compact sets the target of developing the principles of corporate social responsibility.

The Compact calls for action in the field of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection, and anti-corruption activities.Ten principles of the Global Compact from the field of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and combating corruption are initiated by:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption.

Projects for our planet

Design-studio Nota Bene creates not just architectural and design projects, but also cares about preserving the environment.

Usage of natural materials for the designed buildings finishing:

We employ eco-friendly materials that leave minimal impact on the environment, from the beginning until the final stage; such materials as clinker brick and tile, natural stone and wood. We use natural landscape when are planning a territory – we do not try to change the nature, but adjust to its natural forms. Our solutions take into account the differences in the relief up to 9 meters.

The area of the designed buildings is optimized, and the light apertures are located so that they have enough natural light and heat energy in the winter, and create shading and minimize the need for artificial air cooling in summer period.

Usage of current engineering systems:

– Ventilation is obligatory energy efficient and safe for nature at the output stage. In addition, geothermal ventilation is often envisaged in interior and architecture projects, – a system which is capable of heating and cooling air by using the ground temperature.

– Water supply  – water cleaning by environmentally friendly reagents, as well as processing of sewage sludge by antiseptics, which turn into ordinary water and are taken out of the house water supply system.

– Heating equipment – works with the calculated capacity for specific facility, and its quality allows not only saving energy, but also reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Moreover, Nota Bene uses solar panels and collectors on houses’ roofs, and we prefer biocamine fireplaces to ordinary fireplaces, which help make the house even more energy efficient.

– “Smart home” – the system that we use to interact with all the house engineering; the system, besides being user-friendly, creates economical regimes and controls energy in the house. In addition, our designers provide power sockets for charging electric vehicles on parking lots.

Our future plans are to install alternative  energy sources, such as solar collectors for heating water and for house heating, as well as solar panels.

Projects for high expectations

Nota Bene responsibly helps to solve socially significant problems. Nota Bene feels responsibility to society, therefore, pays attention to socially oriented “kind” projects aimed at helping children in grave condition. The key moment for the Studio is the opportunity to help with the construction of special centers for children, such as the Belarusian Children’s Hospice. Annually we organize charity events and fundraise money, pursuing charitable purposes.

It is important that each of these projects is not only a material contribution, but also an opportunity to share professional experience. Experience and development in the construction or arrangement of such an institution.

Projects for a great future

Design studio Nota Bene feels responsibility to professional community, current and future participants. In regard, among the priority field of corporate social responsibility the Studio sees educational projects aimed at unifying professional community, shaping independent union of designers and architectures, moreover, educating each other and building a cooperative way forward. At the moment, the project that aims at shaping professional community and adaptating of young designers (students as well) is NB NIGHTS https://www.facebook.com/nbnights/



NB NIGHTS is private initiative of the design studio Nota Bene.

The project is designed in order to gather and unite Belarussian professional community of designers and architectures to overcome challenges together, solve important problems and promote interests.

NB NIGHTS are meetings of various formats, the main purpose of which is to combine the experience, development and growth of each participant.

In addition, meetings are purely professional events exclusively for designers and architects. The participation of contractors and advertising performances are prohibited.

Projects for a big family

The priority of Design studio Nota Bene is its employees – experts and professionals. The studio team is one of the biggest and most successful among similar Studios in Belarus. This structure allows us to produce 40+ projects per year, including projects of the highest level of complexity.

Our Mission

We create architecture and interior design projects – we create the source of power!

Our Values


Each NB employee is a true professional in the chosen field; who strives for development and professional growth, who learns and grows with the team and who is able to take responsibility for the result of the work.


We do not create virtual projects. Each employee sees the end result of the work (including intermediate stages) and provided with all the necessary means to achieve it. The task of everyone is to ensure this result and create such drawings and plans which will be clear and understandable to the builders and other contractors. All Nota Bene projects are brought to the logical point.

Each NB employee is committed to creative synergy. We are the team where everyone follows one goal – to create the best project. We do not compete, we learn, we share our experience and try to help each other to become better. This is our strength – we are together.

Each NB employee is a proactive participant of each studio project, a person who never stops, develops, improves his tools and broadens his professional horizons. This is a person who cannot be frightened by challenges and changes – he is flexible and always ready to learn new things.
The key areas of CSR to employees are:
– Providing advanced opportunities for project development, modern equipment and ergonomic working space;
– providing conditions for a comfortable pastime throughout the working day: a kitchen for lunch, a terrace and a patio for summer recreation, a space for yoga and aerobics classes and more.
– training and professional development, exchange of experience and development of competencies;
– projects team-building;

5) Creative synergy
Each NB employee strives for creative synergy. We are the team and everyone aspires to create the best project. We do not compete, but learn and share our experience, trying to make each other better.