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Nota Bene Studio is a design company providing a full range of project implementation services from formation of concept to project commissioning. Throughout the construction works, we fully represent the interests of our clients, and always act on their favour.

Being the authors of the project and having the highly qualified staff at hand, we provide full control over all construction processes, and guarantee the achievement of the expected results. Learn more about how Nota Bene implements projects, what documentation is required and used during the implementation process, and see the results of our work.


The studio was founded in 2001 as Studio of interior solutions headed by Maxim Maksimenko, the author of projects.
Being the first highly specialized organization in the field of interior design in Belarus, we have worked our way up from the studio of customized interior design to the project team applying comprehensive approach to problem solving.

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Work stages
Work stages
From which is the project?

Project implementation is a complex, multifaceted, but at the same time very engaging process. Only clearly structured tasks, well-thought-out approach and consideration of every tiny detail make it possible to successfully complete construction and achieve the anticipated result within the required period of time. Depending on the type of project and terms of reference, work stages may vary. Learn more about how we implement projects here in Nota Bene.

Work stages
1. Presentation of the studio and consideration of the terms of reference

Project launch is an extremely crucial stage, because it deals with building trust to those who will perform an important and time-consuming function in the process of creating and implementing a project. Nota Bene Studio is a fully fledged design team consisting of engineers, architects, designers and project managers. Transparency and exceptional competence of employees are the essential aspects of work for us, so during the initial meeting with a client in our office, we present our approach to project creation and implementation. The client has the opportunity to ask all the questions, and clarify the matters concerning them. In addition, we discuss the expectations the client has of the studio and project, as well as ideas and opportunities. At the same time, we clearly define the key issues; during the initial discussion we scrutinize the client’s plans and ensure that the future partnership is as transparent as possible, and the process of project implementation is comfortable and competent.

Work stages
2. Project budgeting, deadlines, business proposal

The terms of reference developed in detail at the initial meeting serves as a starting point for the estimation of the Nota Bene Studio cost of work. Our professionalism stems from many years of experience in implementation of architecture and design projects, so we can safely say that there is no “average” cost of work for 1 square metre of a facility. Every task is unique, so the estimation of the costs for its solution is unique as well. We form a work team, estimate the work hours and set the deadlines based on the terms of reference. Having considered all of these aspects and the amount of the required resources, we get the final cost of work that is relevant only to a particular project. After that the business proposal containing the comprehensive information on the plans, possible implementation solutions and estimated costs is drawn up.

Work stages
3. Contract

We draw up and sign a contract, which is the guarantor of compliance with the terms and quality of work on the project. This document also specifies the currency, in which payments will be made; this may be the US dollar, euro, Russian ruble or the national currency.

Work stages
4. On-site visit for the purpose of taking measurements, primary data collection, examination of a facility

It is impossible to achieve a goal without having the initial data about the facility our project team is dealing with. Therefore, after conclusion of the contract we visit the site in order to collect more information on the facility. Depending on the facility type, our objectives and responsibilities, we carry out the following researches:

  • Measurements of the premises;
  • Filling in a brief/questionnaire;
  • Examination of the facility;
  • Geological surveys;
  • Geodesic surveys;
  • Enquiry about the initial design documentation of the existing structures and networks;

Since each of our projects is unique, the list of the required data varies depending on the purpose.

Work stages
5. Facility concept (concept project), functional elaboration

Facility concept is the key idea of the project we are implementing, elaborated in terms of functionality. Clearly and correctly defined concept provides answers to the key questions, such as the way the facility and its separate functional areas operate, the amount of money required for the project implementation, intermediate work stages, principal and accessory contractors.

Work stages
6. Brief sketch of the project, stylistic elaboration

At this stage, we consider the stylistic concept of the project. Having divided the available space into the key functional areas, we prepare a brief sketch with reference to the basic ideas and format. All materials are presented and approved at the next work meeting. If the direction of work is correct, we get down to the next work stage.

Work stages
7. Preliminary technical documentation

Preparation of preliminary technical documentation is a necessary and very important stage in the development of projects of any complexity. The list of the required documents varies depending on the preliminary technical documentation contents. The need for such manuals is determined by several factors:

– this documentation is a crucial source of information for all the members of the project team and related utility network contractors – architects and engineers getting down to development of the project and its parts. This helps to hasten the project launch and handover.

– preliminary technical documentation is passed to the constructors preparing the work site. Having these data at hand, they can start the preparatory works, which among other things include assembling and dismantling of walls.

– preliminary technical documentation allows to amend the terms of reference for the general contractor (provided he takes part in the project development) in such a way so that part of the required area is initially designed based on the project details.

Work stages
8. Preliminary overall design concept

At this stage, we create a 3D model of the project, which allows the client to get an idea about the overall facility, its separate areas, their functionality and the solutions offered by Nota Bene Studio.

Work stages
9. Selection of contractors and materials, in-house tender, examination of specifications

In order to develop a complete package of technical documentation, detail the concept, consider all the factors of implementation of the selected design solutions, we create the necessary pool of contractors and service providers, taking into account the specifications of the selected materials. On the basis of such in-house tender we prepare the cost estimates, and get them approved for the implementation of a particular project.

Work stages
10. Technical documentation

After receiving approvals for all the presented solutions, statements, specifications and models, as well as elaborated cost estimates and lists of required resources, we prepare a complete package of technical documentation for the facility and submit it to the client.

Work stages
11. Project with the approved materials and objects

While preparing a package of technical documentation, we work on the final drawings and 3D models of the facility, be it interior or architecture project. At this stage, we visualize those materials and details that have been approved of at the previous stages.Thus, the final version model is maximum identical to the real implemented project. 

Work stages
12. Project handover, design documentation quality control

Each Nota Bene project is developed in accordance with the construction rules and regulations of the approving authorities. Upon completing the packages of technical documentation and project visualization, we have a full-fledged and consistent solution. After that, all projects are scrutinized by the internal quality control service, which engineers are constantly monitoring the quality of works and prepared documents on the project. We hand the project over only after its quality is verified by the internal studio auditor. Moreover, our clients have the opportunity to consult with quality control service about any issues related to the project.

Work stages
13. Cost estimate of project implementation, schedule of construction works

After the project is approved, the Nota Bene Studio team proceeds to plan the project implementation, which includes further elaboration of each task and subtask within the scope of the project, risk assessment and search for the best ways of project implement. It also involves preparation of all required cost estimates and work schedules, taking into account external and internal factors, risks and opportunities of collaboration with a particular contractor.

Work stages
14. Author’s supervision

Project implementation is a long and laborious process; however, the experience gained from the work on more than hundred projects allows us to follow the developed plan clearly and professionally, solving all the problems correctly and on time. Author’s supervision implies that the client has a contact person who is fully in charge of the construction process. This person is responsible for the work of the whole Nota Bene team and coordination of each contractor’s work. Thus we minimize costs, reduce the time of implementation and take all the difficulties upon ourselves, ensuring accuracy and quality of the result.

Work stages
15. Champagne time!

Each project is a part of our soul, our creativity and our work. The day when a project is finally implemented is a big day, because every client becomes part of the Nota Bene family. Together we celebrate our achievements and discover new horizons in completing design challenges.

  • From which is the project?
  • 1. Presentation of the studio and consideration of the terms of reference
  • 2. Project budgeting, deadlines, business proposal
  • 3. Contract
  • 4. On-site visit for the purpose of taking measurements, primary data collection, examination of a facility
  • 5. Facility concept (concept project), functional elaboration
  • 6. Brief sketch of the project, stylistic elaboration
  • 7. Preliminary technical documentation
  • 8. Preliminary overall design concept
  • 9. Selection of contractors and materials, in-house tender, examination of specifications
  • 10. Technical documentation
  • 11. Project with the approved materials and objects
  • 12. Project handover, design documentation quality control
  • 13. Cost estimate of project implementation, schedule of construction works
  • 14. Author’s supervision
  • 15. Champagne time!
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